Thursday, 10 November 2016

Hobbies and Sports!

Hey guys! Today I’m going to present you my favorite hobbies and sports.
            So, basically what I like to do in my free time is reading, writing stories, watching TV, singing, dancing, listening to music, roller skating and hanging out with my friends.
            My favorite hobby is roller skating. I love it! I have so much fun “walking around” with wheels on my feet and I could spend hours and hours doing it. I started doing this sport at school when I was 6 years old but I gave up when I was 9. Last year I restarted my roller skate routine with some old rollers and I got addicted! I really like this sport, because it feels like I’m flying, like I’m in a different world, like I’m free. It’s such a great feeling!
            Recently, I decided that I’m also going to a hip-hop class, because I don’t have any dance abilities, and it’s an awesome and amusing way to work out. I also want to try bungee jumping, but I don’t have the courage to do it!
What’s about you? Is there any crazy activity you would like to try?

           See you soon!


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Welcome To My Blog

Hey guys, I’m Daniela and this is my first post on my NEW blog!!! I was (and I’m still kind of) very exciting to write this, and well… Here I am!
Basically, my blog will be about my life. I’ll write about what happens in my life, what I like to do, important things I have learnt, experiences, etc. I hope that having this website helps me growing up (as a person and a writer), getting to know ME better, and of course, I hope you guys like it and enjoyed it.
Since my blog will be about lots of different things, it was very difficult for me to create a good name. I had lots of ideas (Daily Chaos, Make It Basic, Island Girl, Messy Days, etc.), but in the end I choose Forever Fifteen, because I recently saw Twilight, and now I am completely obsessed with vampires.  If I would turn into a vampire, I would rather get transformed when I am 15, so I would stay “Forever Fifteen”. It’s a little bit confusing, but whatever…
As this is my first publication, I don’t want to make it to long, so I’ll see you in my next post about my favorite hobbies and sports.

I’m done!