Saturday, 5 November 2016

Welcome To My Blog

Hey guys, I’m Daniela and this is my first post on my NEW blog!!! I was (and I’m still kind of) very exciting to write this, and well… Here I am!
Basically, my blog will be about my life. I’ll write about what happens in my life, what I like to do, important things I have learnt, experiences, etc. I hope that having this website helps me growing up (as a person and a writer), getting to know ME better, and of course, I hope you guys like it and enjoyed it.
Since my blog will be about lots of different things, it was very difficult for me to create a good name. I had lots of ideas (Daily Chaos, Make It Basic, Island Girl, Messy Days, etc.), but in the end I choose Forever Fifteen, because I recently saw Twilight, and now I am completely obsessed with vampires.  If I would turn into a vampire, I would rather get transformed when I am 15, so I would stay “Forever Fifteen”. It’s a little bit confusing, but whatever…
As this is my first publication, I don’t want to make it to long, so I’ll see you in my next post about my favorite hobbies and sports.

I’m done!

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